What if saving was as easy as spending?

Guac is designed to help you save as you spend towards your goals. Guac users set their goals, deadline when they want to purchase/book that goal & utilize our unique percentage based save while you spend savings tools to fund each goal.

How it works

Set your Goal

Save while you spend

Stay on track with daily analytics

Watch your progress as you fund your goal.

What are you saving for?

Guac was designed to help you achieve your goals on your schedule. Whether that’s a vacation, new car, designer bag, watch or new phone we can help. Guac’s unique % based save while you spend technology allows our Guac users to fund their goals by spending as usual. Guac provides daily analytics to ensure you reach your goal when you decide. With Guac your goals become reality!


Guac users can utilize their savings to purchase from the Guac Marketplace. We are partnered with Travel, Events, Technology, Fashion, Health & Beauty companies to offer the first complete short-term savings solution. Save, Purchase, Enjoy!

Access the Guac Marketplace

Select how to spend your savings

Enjoy booking or purchasing with our partners

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The Guac Philosophy

Most of us struggle to save but we are damn good at spending! We usually struggle to save because we don’t have a tool that embraces our needs. Our focus is to help our Guac users micro-save on all qualified purchases to fund their goals. Saving a % of each transaction keeps the Guac user in control of exactly what they save & after just a few days the savings add up. Now that vacation, new car, watch or designer bag is easier to attain than ever before!

Ready to start saving and enjoy life’s adventures?